Noise management

With our environmental acoustic solutions you can see what you hear.
Measure. Vizualize. Act.

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Noise peaks detected each day

Our Applications

Road Traffic Watch video

Measure, gather and analyze objective acoustic data on road traffic in city centres, highways and tourist roads.

Aircraft noise Watch video

Get your own information on aircraft generated noise and visualize peaks' characteristics.

Construction noise Watch video

Provide real-time acoustic information
on a specific construction site
for construction work supervisors, municipalities and residents.

Recreative noise Watch video

Understand noisy bars, busy
restaurants and loud
festivals to succesfully manage noise.

Medusa Watch videos

Our innovative environmental acoustic sensor allows you to automatically see what you hear and gather noise data in all kinds of situations.

A valuable noise management tool for municipalities, companies and individuals.

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Noise Display

This display alerts drivers whose vehicles are excessively loud by showing a “TOO LOUD” message. Making people aware of the sound issues is the first step to reducing them.

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Hydra Watch video
Sound Radar (upcoming)

This groundbreaking technology is capable of identifying the loudest vehicle on a busy road and to issue a fine if its sound emissions exceed the legal thresholds. It operates similarly to what already exists with speed cameras, but with noise.

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Different shapes and sizes,
according to your needs.

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