How it works

The “Medusa” sensor is a patented system which makes sound visible. Due to its unique shape, it is able to calculate the azimuth and elevation angles of the dominant sound source and to mark on a 360° image where the sound comes from. This sensor makes it possible to pinpoint what causes the most nuisances and to tackle noise issues right at their sources.

Acoustic tetrahedric goniometer of about 20 cm (7.9 inches) per side
4 microphones
360 Imagery
Environmental sensor PTH
Easily installable on a lighting pole
Patented system

Our choice was to get as close as possible to the human hearing (which naturally focuses on the dominant noise source).


Acoustic calculations

The medusa can, at all times, identify with great precision the provenance of the dominant noise.


Conformity with GDPR Privacy Law

A great number of medusa sensors have already been deployed on both public and private noise management projects

Technical details

Dimensions of the box
(H x L x P)

Permanent power supply : 260 x 160 x 120 mm
Non-permanent power supply : 360 x 160 x 120 mm

Mechanical installation

Universal plate: by strapping or bolting
Minimum installation height: 4 meters


5 to 10 kg (depending on box)

Power supply

Permanent power supply : 230 V AC, 12-20 V DC or Power over Ethernet
Non permanent power supply : 230V AC

Electric consumption

around 5W

Data transmission

4G or ethernet

Use Medusa
with our intuitive Platform

The Medusa sensor also exists in its aero configuration, to monitor air traffic more accurately.

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