About us

Viginoiz is a subsidiary company entirely owned by Bruitparif, a non-profit organization commissioned by the Île de France region to monitor noise pollution in the Parisian area.

The mission of Bruitparif is to democratize urban noise monitoring and to provide local authorities with effective means to fight against noise pollution. After meeting a great success, we decided to offer our solutions to actors outside the Paris area, and that is why we created the subsidiary company Viginoiz. It is through this subsidiary that we market our products. We offer different solutions to monitor efficiently sound levels in urban areas and alert drivers whose vehicles are excessively loud, and eventually fining those who break the law.

Brief history

Creation of Bruitparif (2004)

First sound mapping of the Paris area (2007)

design of the “Medusa” sensor (2017)

the “Medusa” sensor receives “decibel d’or” (2019)

design of the educational noise display (2020)

creation of Viginoiz (2021)

start of the testing phase for the “Hydra” sound radar (2022)

certification of the “Hydra” sound radar by French authorities (2023)

Who are we ?

Christophe Mietlicki


With over 25 years of professional experience in computer engineering, acoustics and finance, Christophe Mietlicki is the engineering and technical brain behind the Viginoiz solutions. He is continuously involved in creating innovative acoustic technology.

Fanny Mietlicki


President of Viginoiz, Fanny Mietlicki is an acoustical engineer and environmental project manager. Fanny has worked on many environmental, health and technological development projects with the association Bruitparif. A successfull non-profit organization that she runs since its creation in 2004.

Elias Nejjar

International relations and Business inquiries

Franco-Moroccan, student at ESSEC Business school in Master in Management, theater actor, and film lover, Elias Nejjar is in charge of the commercial development of Viginoiz in France and abroad.

a subsidiary of the
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